Why Github For Educators? Past Webinar

Why Github For Educators? Past Webinar

What is GitHub?

Used by over 87% of developers, Git was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005, as a distributed version control system.  This system allows all code and history to be accessed by all team members, allowing easier workflow and real-time collaboration.

Github is a cloud-based for-profit hosting company and repository service that is based around Git.  The easy to understand interface of Github, versus Git on its own, allows even nontechnical users the ability to collaborate and manage projects.  Because of how easy it is to use, and the ability to sign up for free, Github is used by people in many different industries to manage projects.


Why Should Educators Learn Github?

In education, GitHub can be used for free to help manage grading, track assignments, and even improve student workflow.  There is also an Education Community available to administrators and Educators for idea sharing and support. https://education.github.community/

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