Tech IT Out! Minnesota

Connecting students with technology skills development
 and career success

Energetic, passionate technology professionals inspire 
students in grades 6-12 to follow in their technology 
education and career footsteps.

Tech IT Out! Minnesota matches IT professionals from General Mills and Veritas Technologies with middle and high school classrooms in the metro area. A 50-75 minute interactive presentation involving secondary age students is often-times the first opportunity for young people to discover what IT is, who works in IT, where IT happens, and why IT is essential for business success. The youthful presenters not only increase the awareness of students about ever-expanding technology roles and opportunities, but also provide intentional messaging to address common misconceptions held by many. Demystifying IT is often the first step to instilling a student’s willingness to open her/his mind to technology education and career opportunities. Post presentation survey results from over 2,500 youth consistently reveals positively changed perceptions, and significant expressed interest in what the field has to offer.