Summer Faculty Work Projects

Summer Faculty Work Projects

Can you believe that another academic year is coming to an end? It seems like only yesterday we were planning out the summer work for 2018 and here we are now making plans for 2019! As always, there is never a shortage of work for to be part of.

Curriculum Development

In 2018-19 faculty were able to create nearly 60 modules in data and cyber. As we continue to work on more modules we also need to create a plan on how to use the modules created. In this project faculty will be asked to complete a curriculum alignment project that helps colleges see how their current or future courses align with other colleges and how we can incorporate the currently developed modules to increase alignment across colleges.

Any faculty member interested in developing material or modules with us will need to attend the Curriculum Development Resource Meeting In June. This meeting will be held June 11, 2019 from 9am – 5pm at MN State IT Center of Excellence, 1380 Energy Lane, Suite 104, St. Paul, MN 55448. If you plan to help us create curriculum modules you will need to attend this workshop.


Additional Funded Projects

Here is a list of the additional projects that have been funded by the MN State IT COE for 2019-2020 with work to start Summer 2019. If you would like to be part of any of these projects we must have your Dean’s approval for the work.

Partnership between High Schools and Colleges – IT Exploration for Rural Minnesota

For this project, Pam Jensen (MN West) will take the lead as faculty from across the State work together to create a process that allows rural Post-secondary educators to deliver MN State IT Center of Excellence’s IT Exploration content to their local high schools. The goal is to introduce the field of IT more high school students using college faculty resources.

Mobile App Module Development

The goal of this project will be to create at least 3 online course modules in Human Computer Interaction, Programming for Web Security and Programming for Mobile App Security. Our hope is to expand mobile app across the state. A secondary goal will be to create and run an Annual Mobile App Development Student Event for Fall 2020.

Using Career Readiness Modules in your Course Room

We now have three (3) career readiness modules in Pilot Stage with full launch happening this summer. The next step is to train faculty on these modules and show how they can be incorporated into current or future classes to meet the needs of the industry in the Soft Skill areas. Participants in this project will help lead the program from pilot to implementation as well as be champions of use at their colleges.

Shared Infrastructure Best Practices and Options

The MN State IT COE and eight other institutions have received Collaboration Funding for extension of our Shared Infrastructure Pilot with the goal of expanding access and use of NetLab for networking and cyber courses in 2019-2020.

Incorporating Agile Methodology into IT fields

Mary Lebens and other faculty members who have worked on the Agile DevOps Curriculum Development in 2018 will provide a hands-on training on Agile Methodology and how you can bring this methodology into current courses or future development. A review of the Curriculum Modules developed as well as a training session for faculty on agile methodology and the techniques that can use in classrooms will be held Fall 2019.

We look forward to having your help and thank you for Joining Us At the Table! Any questions, please contact Janice Aanenson, PhD at