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Becoming a Sponsor: What’s in it for your Company or Organization?

You and your company will play a significant role in achieving a more diverse IT talent pool in Minnesota.  Working with the Minnesota State I.T. Center of Excellence and its many business and organization partners is the surest way to enlarge and enrich the IT talent pool in the state. Imagine the head-start this provides inner-city students to pursue an IT education and career … and then capitalize on the opportunity for your company to gain unparalleled access to technical and professional talent ready to make an impact and difference.

The program features:

  • A partnership with the Minnesota STEM Partnership and select inner-city high school partners to provide BIPOC technologist presentations in computing and tech classrooms
  • Inspiring video presentations from BIPOC technology professionals currently working in the STEM career fields. See Virtual Professional Development Series.  Videos are no cost and available to all high schools in Minnesota.
  • MyProfile – an app for students to document in-school, virtual, and community-based tech learning experiences. Used to guide the student’s school and career direction for scholarship and award applications, as well as job interviews.
  • Virtual MentorMash – students are matched with BIPOC professionals for learning and career guidance.
  • Guidance and referral to vetted IT Discovery Network organizations.  Minnesota State College and University options, and other valuable resources.


Financial partners are being sought to double the number of program sites (from 4 to 8), to significantly increase the number of students impacted by direct engagement with BIPOC and other interested professionals as well as companies committed to achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals.

Financial support of a program site (in part or whole) pays for coordination of classroom/community connections, support of MyProfile use, mentor matching and guidance, as well as navigation services to ensure student retention, mentoring, and provider referral goals are achieved.  Expense details are available upon request.


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PowerUP IT Story:

In 2018, the program was initiated by the Minnesota State I.T. Center of Excellence in response to a growing concern about the substantial lack of diverse talent in Minnesota’s tech talent pipeline. Partnerships with six Minneapolis and St. Paul High Schools were established to design and deliver interactive experiences that would inspire, support, and empower students to make informed decisions regarding their education and career choices and to help them build their technical and professional confidence and competence. The Minnesota STEM Partnership expressed the desire to collaborate to fulfill the program’s goals.  The program now seeks additional business partners to double the number of program sites during the 2022-23 school year.

MN Stem Partnership

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Become a PowerUP IT 2022-2023 Program Sponsor
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The IT Center of Excellence provides base funding to cover administrative and operational expenses (MyProfile design, website, partnership development, measurements, and coordination of 4 program sites.)

For more information:

Contact Russell Fraenkel,

Director of IT Career Pathways and Partnerships

(651) 253.9438