Sustaining, Passion, Ambition, and Resolve for Career Success

What is SPARCS?

A Minnesota youth technology development program for middle and high school students who identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary.

SPARCS helps students:

  • increase awareness of information technology (IT) career opportunities

  • explore technology tools, apps, and build tech skills

  • be supported by IT professionals

  • build relationships with other young tech-oriented students

  • consider and prepare for higher education

Upcoming Event

Data Derby – April 8th (In Person Event)

Do you ever wonder what data is and what a career in data would be like? At this event, you will learn about data, what data is used for and you’ll practice by competing in Datagon, a 1-day data competition. This event is open to anyone in 9th to 12th grade.

  • Compete in the high school division of the Datagon.
    • An understanding of spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheet is all you need.
  • Want to know about data career?
    • Learn from the data industry through a panel discussion.
    • Feel free to ask questions
  • Watch other students present their findings in the Datathon competition.
    • Come see how students deal with large datasets

Check out the Data Derby competition website for more information.



Contact Boern Vang if you are interested in learning more.