Register now for the New Directions In IT Education – Minnesota State IT Faculty Conference

Register now for the New Directions In IT Education – Minnesota State IT Faculty Conference

We hear you loud and clear – You want more hands-on training options and less lectures.

The 2019 New Directions Conference gives you that! Register Now!

New Directions in IT Education is the annual Minnesota State Faculty Conference that provides an opportunity for educators and industry leaders to interact with their peers and influence the direction of education. This year’s conference will be held May 15-17, 2019 at North Hennepin Community and Technical College in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence has invited industry partners, employers and faculty members from across Minnesota State to JOIN US AT THE TABLE as we convene to explore emerging employer needs and bring to the table innovative and creative solutions. Your participation has a positive impact on the success of our current and future workforce employees and students. 

Along with the ability to connect with colleagues and industry leaders we are taking a TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT approach to this year’s conference!


On Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Faculty will have the opportunity to attend two (2) trainings that relate directly to their areas of interests. All sessions are two-hours in length and are held concurrently. Faculty will have the opportunity to attend 2 of the 4 trainings. Trainings run 1:00 – 3:00pm and again 3:00 – 5:00pm.

The concurrent training sessions on Wednesday, May 15th are:

  1. Embedding Career Readiness Modules into current courses
  2. Using Agile Tools and methods in the classroom
  3. Overview of JMP and SAS for classroom use
  4. How to use NetLab to enhance your students learning

On Thursday, we switch our focus to three of our main areas. In the morning our Keynote Speaker and Panel will discuss Cyber Security impact across career sectors. At Lunch we will hear about the Value of a Computer Science Degree. In the afternoon we will look at how Data is shaping much of the work we do across all of the information technology sectors. We will wrap up the day with an overview and training session on our current Data and Cyber Module Alignment Project.

On Friday we begin to create out the 2019-2020 Summer Faculty Projects by providing Breakout Sessions for participants to explore and become part of. This year we will have all possible faculty proposals approved prior to the event so that work on the individual projects can begin immediately in June.

Currently the Breakout Sessions include:

  • Partnership between High Schools and Colleges – IT Explorations for Rural Minnesota

For this project, Pam Jensen (MN West) will be taking the lead as faculty from across the State work together to create and implement and deliver standard curriculum (IT Explorations) into the secondary schools or high schools using College faculty and resources. The end result will be a Standardized Program any College can take to reach rural or local high schools in need of IT courses and curriculum. 

  • Aligning Data and Cyber Modules with Current and Future Courses

In 2018-19 faculty were able to create nearly 40 modules in data or cyber. As we continue to work on more modules we also need to create a plan on how to use the modules created. Is this project faculty will be asked to complete a curriculum alignment project that helps colleges see how their current or future courses align with other colleges and how we can incorporate the currently developed modules to increase alignment across colleges.

We now have three (3) career readiness modules in Pilot Stage with full launch this summer as well as a potential creation of the remaining five (5) CR areas. The next step is to train faculty on these modules and show how they can be incorporated into current or future classes to meet the needs of the industry in the Soft Skill areas. Participants in this project will help lead the program from pilot to implementation as well as be champions of use at their colleges.

  • Using Netlab, A shared Infrastructure Best Practices and Options

Many colleges currently have a need for hands-on learning modules in their courses. We have secured a number of sites that have VPN enabled infrastructures that provide a learning environment to design and install cloud services as well as NetLab capability. The goal of this project is to take our current options and expand the usage of them across colleges. The use of these capacities is the final goal.

  • Incorporating Agile Methodology into IT fields

Mary Lebens and other faculty members who have worked on the Agile DevOps Curriculum Development in 2018 will provide a hands-on training on Agile Methodology and how you can bring this methodology into current courses or future development. A review of the Curriculum Modules developed as well as a training session for faculty on agile methodology and the techniques they can use in classrooms will be held.

Remember, if you have a project you would like to have funded  you must submit them by March 31, 2019 to Janice Aanenson (

We look forward to your participation as we join each other at the table for quality conversations and enhanced learning.

For more information visit our website at or to register visit: