Why You Should Sponsor Aspirations

Why You Should Sponsor Aspirations

An Opportunity to Change Lives

The Minnesota Aspirations in Computing program brings together thought leaders from local businesses along with leaders from the technology sector, schools and community to help young women achieve their computing related educational and career goals.

We pride ourselves on offering our partners a diverse range of ways to contribute to the computing interests and development of young women in grades 9 through 12.

We support current and prospective partners to influence and engage with young women in ways that are mutually beneficial. We’re interested in helping you gain access to a relatively untapped pipeline of future innovators.

The IT Center could provide a list of the many reasons you should become a Minnesota Aspirations in Computing Partner. However, we believe a more effective way of conveying value for Minnesota businesses and the regional economy is through the eyes of some of our long-standing partner organizations.

Here are some reasons why current program partners support Aspirations programs and strategies:

“ The Aspirations program encourages the growth of our local pipeline of diverse technical talent, gives young women the opportunity to meet and partner with other individuals/organizations who are passionate about this work and businesses are able to take part in cultivating an excellent pool of promising technical talent through internships and job shadow experiences.” — Devan Sayles, Developer at General Mills

“Being an Aspirations in Computing Partner allows us the opportunity to build an I.T. talent pipeline. We believe supporting young women in tech has a long-term impact and helps build a more diverse workforce here in Minnesota.” — Brianne Michaels, IT Business Systems Analyst at Land O’Lakes

“The Minnesota Aspirations in Computing program is a great opportunity for us to  inspire, influence, and empower young women to become a technologist. The program fosters a sense of community for all involved; educators, students, IT professionals, businesses, and organizations. By being engaged we are able to position the Center as a leader in a movement whose purpose is to realize gender and diversity balance in the workplace.” — Wilson Garland


“Through our partnership with the Aspirations program we’re able to impact the trajectory of a young woman’s life, especially young women who have social, emotional, and behavioral support needs. This has also been a great opportunity to demonstrate support of women’s equality; personally and professionally” — Eri O’Diah, CEO

Join the movement to empower young women to become a future force in the creation and delivery of high quality technology solutions!

To learn more about how you and/or your organization can support the computing interests of young women in Minnesota and lead the movement to disrupt gender equality in Tech, contact Boern Vang, at boern.vang@metrostate.edu .