Prepare to succeed! Start with a stand-out resume

Prepare to succeed! Start with a stand-out resume

By Sharon Boerbon Hanson

Are you about to graduate? Have you just begun your first year as an IT Student? Are you thinking about moving to a new company or IT field?
Whichever question you can answer you need to be prepared with a résumé that lets you stand above all others.

How to get a resume that gets you noticed:

  1. Create a written survey of your skills. If you are unsure, ask family and friends to describe what they see in you.
  2. Think of job or volunteer responsibilities you have had – they needn’t be in IT. Consider how or why YOU did those tasks better than anyone else and record the how/why.
  3. Couple each task + how/why to the benefit you brought to the job.
  4. Now – check out our recorded webinar, Your Resume: Branded or Buried, to find out how to put that information to work for you.
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Sharon Boerbon Hanson is associate executive director of Advance IT Minnesota, a Center of Excellence that promotes awareness of and excellence in IT careers in order to ensure business success. She has over 25 years’ experience marketing and brand-building, and has been a resume and interview coach 15 years.