High School Students Learn About Technology Careers From BIPOC Industry Professionals

Video presentations from BIPOC technology professionals working in key STEM career fields to inspire students.

PowerUP IT – a program offered by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence, invites high school educators throughout Minnesota to utilize assembled and cataloged video content featuring Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) technology professionals discussing their IT roles, technical interests, educational and career paths, and providing professional development guidance.  The program is offered in collaboration with the Minnesota STEM Partnership.

History of PowerUP IT:

In 2018, the program was initiated in response to a growing concern regarding the substantial lack of diversity in Minnesota’s technology dependent workforce.   Partnerships with a handful of inner-city schools were established to design and deliver interactive experiences that would inspire, support, and empower students to make informed decisions regarding their education and career choices.  In 2020, due to COVID restrictions, the program adjusted to virtual interactions with students.  This challenge revealed the unique opportunity to create a repository of brief videos that could bring value to high school classrooms statewide.

BIPOC STEM Professionals

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