OLRC is a collaboration between the Minnesota State Career and Technical Education office, the eight Minnesota State Centers of Excellence, and the Minnesota Department of Education.

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Welcome to the Minnesota State Career and Technical Education Online Learning Resource Center (OLRC), a consolidated source of instructional materials to help secondary and post-secondary educators adapt to the need for ongoing remote or blended instruction. The resources in OLRC have been curated by educators and are free for educators to browse and use.  Curation was performed using a selection criteria rubric, and content in OLRC is monitored and updated regularly to ensure its relevance and usefulness.​

Neither Minnesota State nor the Minnesota Department of Education endorses or promotes any of the resources in OLRC.

Online Learning Instructional Content for Post Secondary Technology and I.T. Educators

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Career Readiness Modules and Badges

Eight virtual modules built by the Minnesota I.T  Center of Excellence to help faculty teach important soft skills to students that can help with future job searches and careers.




Courses and activities for all grade levels. At home resources available to students, parents and instructors. Activities include projects, videos and tutorials. Teachers will have access after creating an account to a full course catalog.




Comprehensive online curriculum in a variety of programming subjects including Java, Python, C#, Gaming and digital literacy. Free teacher professional development available and mentoring. In addition, curriculum includes, videos, quizzes, activities and teacher guides. All curriculum is standards based.

Yearly Site License for Schools or Per Student License for at Home Use



Over 100 hours of online learning. This site offers videos, games, real world projects, quizzes and mini lessons for all age levels. Students will learn 21st century skills needed for the high demand computer science positions.

Free Trial, Subscription



Courses available in Networking, OS & IT, programming, internet, infrastructure, cybersecurity, packer tracer, and more. Certification preparation available and badges. Career preparation available. Resources for remote learning and in person learning. Resources to assist the classroom teachers including videos and webinars.

Free for Academy Members



Resources of Instructors and for teaching a variety of classes:  gaming, digital citizenship, artificial intelligence and general IT topics

Membership required


ITX Exploration Curriculum

A complete curriculum with a 8 modules of topics including computer basics, networking, repair, internet, gaming, computer productivity, careers etc.



Khan Academy 

Practice tests, practice exercises, video’s and mastery skills. Lessons and support is available in computer programming, animation, webpage programming, webpage design, game design, game programming, data management tools, and more. Khan Academy is supported by industry professionals and educators. There are resources for at home learning as while as teacher support.



National Academy Foundation 

Membership Online resources, strategies and professional development for technology educators. Areas of focus include digital citizenship, STEAM, Artificial education, online learning and computational thinking and more. ISTE have developed standards which provide a framework for innovation in education and prepare skilled learners for career readiness.



Cisco E-learning Resources         

Training and curriculum for networking and computer sercurity. Classroom curriculum,videos, testing, virtual labs and certification preparation. Training is available for individuals as well as classrooms.

Paid classroom room subscriptions and free learning community support available


CompTia IT Fundamentals          

Online curriculum for computer networking, A+ Certification, IT fundamentals and computer security. Curriculum is designed for individual use or to support instructors in these areas. Content includes tutorials, practice exercises, labs, test prep for certification.

Paid Subscriptions


National Cybersecurity Training and Education Center  

Teaching resources and materials. Professional development webinars and workshops are available. Free Cybersecurity curriculum, Health IT, interactive lessons and modules to assist in student learning. Students workshops and camps provided through the center.

Membership by state and institution


NOVA Energy and Cybersecurity Lab Games

PBS – A digital platform the uses games and interactive to foster exploration. Labs to engage students in scientific investigation. Access to Instructional resources and professional development for instructors. Projects and resources in Engineering and Technology including careers.



Explore NASA   

A variety of hands-on activities and videos for students. These activities are available for classroom use or as an at home activity. Resources and support are available to education. There are activities for all age groups.



PBS Learning Media:  Engineering and Technology          

A digital platform the uses games and interactive to foster exploration. Labs to engage students in scientific investigation. Access to Instructional resources and professional development for instructors. Projects and resources in Engineering and Technology including careers.


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To provide feedback on OLRC or suggest other resources to be added, please send an email to OLRCfeedback@minnstate.edu.