With over 97K individuals currently employed in an information technology related role in Minnesota and 25K open positions projected by 2024 (TalentNeuron Recruit, 2017), we are eager and equipped to help employers identify Minnesota’s best I.T. talent.  


  • Quickly post job opportunities for all Minnesota State I.T. college students and alumni
  • Reach highly trained I.T. candidates
  • Easily re-post or suspend a job posting
  • Reach hard-to-find experienced-hire candidates


  • Post a descriptive job title – If the job is for entry level applicants, indicate that fact with “entry level” in the job title. If you are posting an internship, make sure “internship” is highlighted in the job title. Be as descriptive as possible in the job title.
  • Include details – Students and candidates want to know as much detail as possible about the job before applying. In addition to the Job Title and Description, Location, and Employer name, it is recommend you include detailed requirements and qualifications.  Your company description and website, along with application procedures are incredibly helpful to candidates.
  • Describe the position – What are the job responsibilities? Provide examples of a day in the life in the position. What skills does this person need to be successful in this position? How much does the position pay? Are there additional benefits such as flexible work hours?
  • Promote your company – What makes you stand out among other employers? Describe your culture and philosophy. What differentiates you from the others?  Why do your current employees enjoy working at your company?  Include a link to your recruitment webpage and links to relevant candidate recruitment videos.


In order to help employers connect with more Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, we have developed a 2017-2018 Minnesota State Academic Calendar for all public 2 and 4 year colleges and universities in Minnesota. We encourage our partners to utilize the calendar to identify the ideal engagement opportunities for your college recruitment efforts. 

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We wish you continued recruiting success!



Source: TalentNeuron Recruit aggregate online job postings. www. accessed August 23, 2017.

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