New SAP-enhanced courses at Metro State approved by SAP University Alliance Program

As of January 2015, the SAP University Alliance approved three additional Metro State University courses for inclusion in the SAP Student Achievement Award.

This means that Metro State College of Management students can now choose three out of six SAP-enhanced undergraduate courses in order to be awarded this valuable certificate of accomplishment.

The award denotes that a student who has successfully completed the course work has the equivalent of at least one year’s experience with SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, the leading business ERP software package in the world. This can be quite useful for pursuing employment options in the large Minnesota enterprises that use SAP ERP (e.g. Cargill, 3M, Target, Deluxe).

Although this SAP University Alliance Student Achievement Award is operating at an undergraduate level, a graduate version of this certificate is anticipated in the coming year.

–David Bahn