New Directions Schedule – Friday April 9 2021

New Directions Schedule – Friday April 9 2021

Friday, April 9th

Day 2 of the New Directions in IT Faculty Conference.

This session will concentrate on industry needs and faculty feedback. 

If you are a college faculty member or work in the tech industry in Minnesota, please join us for a day packed with discussion and opportunity.

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9-11am: Join the Minnesota State System’s Network for Educational Development Workshop on Digital Badging.

Explore the use of digital badging to promote student success using the D2L Digital badging system.


11am: Join as I.T. Industry members from across Minnesota and members from the State of Minnesota Educational Departments discuss and talk about challenges, opportunities, and needs.

This will be an informative and active learning session where we can hear from each other the work that is happening as well as where work needs to begin.


1pm: Dane Seelen will review and discuss the Faculty Survey results on IT challenges.

Join in on the conversation around what all the great insight means.


BREAKOUT SESSIONS for each of the I.T. Centers Summer Projects.

Join in on the collaboration. We will also discuss two additional Faculty projects that have been submitted.