New and Improved 2018 ITX Curriculum

IT Exploration has everything K-12 and College Educators need to prepare students for technology career success!

Developed by the Minnesota State  IT Center of Excellence, IT Exploration is a FREE curriculum and teacher training program that covers IT fundamentals of software development, networking, hardware, security, analytics, game design, digital citizenship, tech careers, and more. The extensive, engaging content aligns with Precision Exams  – Information Technology Introduction (801). During the past seven years, over 200 educators have successfully implemented ITX curricula at their respective institutions.

We are excited to announce that the new IT Exploration (ITX) 3.0 curriculum is everything a secondary and postsecondary education teacher needs; and comes just in time for the 2018-19 school year.  ITX has experienced an extensive facelift; now aligning beautifully with Precision Exams and Information Technology Introduction (801). The curriculum resides on a teacher-friendly STEM Fuse portal, making it simple and easy for novice to experienced technology teachers to access curriculum, training, and support for FREE.

What’s included in ITX 3.0:

  • Plentiful content and assessments to fill full year and semester-long courses
  • Curriculum that can be used as a stand-alone course, or to supplement existing coursework
  • Hands-on learning and relevant materials of high interest to students

ITX offers market relevant educational materials to prepare secondary and postsecondary students for success in a fast-changing technological world. The program can be enlivened through the engagement of area employers and IT professionals. ITX prepares students for higher education and career success in high-demand technology jobs.

IT Exploration  content is developed to prepare students for Precision Exams,  Information Technology Introduction (801) and includes ITX Teacher Overview Guides regarding:

Standard 1 – Trends and Impacts of Computing

Standard 2 – Digital Media

Standard 3 – Computing Systems and IT Services

Standard 4 – Networks and the Internet

Standard 5 – Algorithms and Programming

Standard 6 – Data and Analysis

Standard 7 – Technology Careers

Bonus features:

The Office Productivity module provides foundational knowledge in the areas of basic computer skills, the internet, Windows OS, Mac OS, email, word processing, social media, spreadsheets, slideshows, and information literacy.  The Game Development & Design unit in the IT Exploration course is brought to you by STEM Fuse!  Students are introduced to the world of programming and game design through interactive learning lessons and hands-on projects. Students begin by learning about the fundamentals of game development and design; what goes into a great game, video game history, and popular engines used to build games. They then build a simple game and end the unit by learning about game design and programming careers!  To learn more about full semester programming and game development courses, visit Stem Fuse  to learn about our K-12 GAME:IT series!

Training and support is provided by ITX power-users Cindy Drahos, Burnsville High School, and Amanda Mackereth, Spectrum High School in Elk River.  The curriculum was updated based on user feedback and standards alignment. When asked what aspects of a recent ITX 3.0 training were most useful, some of the teacher comments from a recent training were:

“appreciated the hands-on at the computer”

“learning how easy this course would be to incorporate into current classes”

“seeing the curriculum in action and the overview of how it all worked together”

“[now] I just need time to dig in”

The Next ITX Training

December 5, 2018

ITX Demonstration

See What’s Got Everyone Excited!

The ITX curriculum will be demonstrated at the CTE Works! Summit 2018 at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest in Brooklyn Park, MN on October 30th, 4:30-5:30pm.