Nailing the Virtual Interview

Nailing the Virtual Interview

Your Time to Shine!

Don’t Miss This Timely Webinar Where Recruiters  Share Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices For Virtual Interviews

Minnesota Aspirations in Computing, SPARCS, and long-standing partner SPS Commerce have combined forces to offer an exceptional, must-see webinar.

Prepare For Exciting New Job Or Internship Interviews Coming Your Way.

Today, more and more organizations, including SPS Commerce, are opting for a virtual, rather than an in-person interview experience. While many of the interview rules remain the same – practice, dress to impress, and arrive early – some new ‘must do’ behaviors apply. After the recruiting team has taken you through the ins and outs of the interview process, a panel of recruiters, supervisors, and past interns turned employees respond to attendees questions and concerns.




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