Over the past two years the Minnesota State It Center of Excellence has worked with Education Design Labs (Career Readiness Modules), Metropolitan State University (Data and Cyber Modules), and faculty from across Minnesota to create a host of free, ready to download, online curriculum modules for use in faculty course rooms.

The goal is to expand the scope, capacity, and market alignment of cyber, data, and other IT programs across the Minnesota System to help place Minnesota State colleges as the leaders in technology education.

The Modules created by the I.T. Center of Excellence consist of 1 credit worth of learning. They are packaged in D2L (Minnesota States online course format) and ready for easy download for simple placement into an already built curriculum.
Modules can be added to existing courses OR combined to create additional courses at any Minnesota State College or University.


Career Readiness

Agile & Dev Ops


Data Analytics

Additional modules to be added include Software Development, NetLABs and general computer science.