The Minnesota State I.T. Center of Excellence engages employers, educators, and learners to develop a more robust technology workforce in Minnesota.

Since the founding of the Center of Excellence in 2006, total enrollment in IT-related courses within the Minnesota State College and Universities has increased 77%, and the number of students with declared majors has increased 101%, compared to the system-wide average of 18%. While the ITCOE cannot take full credit for this surge in interest, the Center has contributed significantly by reaching out to thousands of secondary students, funding dozens of new curriculum efforts, and leading numerous other efforts aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of IT talent in the state.

Our Vision

To position Minnesota as a top-ten regional economy for information technology careers as measured by total IT-related employment.

  1. Address talent needs of IT employers
  2. Enhance career success for IT students & alumni
  3. Increase enrollment in IT programs

1.1 Provide employer access to IT talent
1.2 Develop new program models and partnerships
1.3 Facilitate employer-educator interaction and relationships

2.1 Provide experiential learning opportunities
2.2 Enhance IT career management strategy & skills
2.3 Facilitate student and grad interaction with employers

3.1 Increase awareness & interest in IT careers
3.2 Create and promote pathways for career prep
3.3 Provide career and education information