ICS student: Metro State’s Information and Computer Science Program builds solid career foundation
By Jared Johnson
April 20, 2016

My name is Jared Johnson and I’m currently enrolled at Metropolitan State University as a junior in the Computer Science program. Before attending Metro State, I successfully completed a technical associate’s degree at a local private institution. I was able to achieve valedictorian status and felt very satisfied with what I had learned. Once the job-search process started, I soon found that I wanted more. What I learned from that degree was that I was very interested in computer science, and there are a plethora of positions for not only IT-related bachelor’s degrees, but also for those degrees with industry-specific experience and/or education. The choice was easy for me to complement my current degree and pursue a B.S. in Computer Science from the reputable and affordable Metro State.

“What’s great about the Computer Science program, and likely any IT program at Metro State, is that you are walked through the entire complicated process from the ground up.”

In addition to the comprehensive and structured learning environment for the core ICS courses, I’ve also been introduced to plenty of resources that make me confident I’ll be a desired prospect when it comes time to find a permanent employer.

Jared Johnson, Metro State computer science student, Jared Johnson, encouraged by his IT Work Skills instructor, shared his thoughts with CAREERwise (formerly iSeek). In addition to posting his article online, iSeek plans to publish it in their quarterly newsletter.