For those of you in the computer science, data science or information technology field you will be happy to know that careers in your area are some of the highest growth areas in all career fields.

These fields have some of the highest needs but also some of the highest base salaries and job satisfaction ratings. When they say ‘timing is everything’ you are in the perfect time! The other great news is that you don’t always need a Masters or even a Bachelor’s degree to position yourself in one of these career areas. Let’s take a look.

A number of organizations have completed Career Outlook surveys for 2018 and beyond. The summary of findings have a nice outlook for students in the data science, computer science and/or information technology areas. In 2018, Glassdoor ( listed the 50 best jobs in the United States. Their job ratings included job satisfaction, number of job openings and base salary. Out of the top 50 jobs, fifteen (15) are in the technology arenas, with many being in the Top 10!

Career Positions across the United States

Career Positions across Minnesota

Across Minnesota a number of organizations and associations have compiled additional information that directly relates to the Minnesota Tech outlook. One of those associations is MHTA. If you haven’t heard of MHTA (Minnesota High Tech Association) you really should get to know them! Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) is an innovation and technology association that brings together people from 

the Minnesota technology ecosystem.

Each month MHTA puts out the Information Technology Workforce Update. It gives a quick view of the needs within current Minnesota companies. You can find the full lists of Reports here (

This month’s MHTA Information Technology Workforce Update gives us the following insights.

Currently in Minnesota the estimated STEM/Information Technology job openings are over 9,500 and will only continue to grow. With 19 of the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Minnesota and the international view that Minnesota is a top area for tech businesses to find top tech talent, the need for educated and trained employees will only increase. Minnesota companies such as US Bank, Wells Fargo, Target, Best Buy, 3M, UnitedHealth Group, Oracle, IBM, and Ameriprise Financial are looking to hire!

These Fortune 500 companies are looking for Project Managers, Java Developers, Software Engineers, Business Analyst, and Quality Assurance Experts. All here in Minnesota.

How to Prepare for your Future

Knowing a little more about current openings and the companies that are hiring, you may wonder if your talents and skills are a match. We all know that education is important, but what about certifications or additional trainings? Both are needed and desired.

The top 5 skills listed as immediate needs are Java, Software Development, SQL, JavaScript and Python. Again, you may touch on these topics throughout some of your courses, but have you looked at a programming cert? R, Python, SQL, JMP or SAS are all out there to explore. Having a certifications moves you that much closer to the perfect candidate for the positions that land in the Top 10 Job Titles. Having a certification AND applied learning (experience) gets you even farther.

Next Steps – Get Involved

With Spring Semester coming to a close soon, you should be looking at ways to take what you are learning in the classroom and applying it to the real-world. There are a few Spring Competitions to get involved in, Summer Bootcamps that can move you forward, and countless paid or volunteer opportunities to put your knowledge to work. Don’t settle for just a job, look to advancing your career by getting involved.

For those interested in Data Science and Analyitics there are a number of options coming up!

  1. MUDAC – Midwest Undergrad Data Analytics Competition 
  2. Data Derby 
  3. CSi Bootcamp 
  4. Data Bootcamp 

Get Involved and Get the Experience you need! For more information on these and all events, contact Janice Aanenson, PhD at