Our Impact on Minnesota Student & Faculty Engagement

Our Impact on Minnesota Student & Faculty Engagement

The Growing Impact of MN State IT Center of Excellence

With the end of the 2019 Academic Year and the start of 2020 around the corner, it is important to evaluate the work the IT Center of Excellence has completed. It is equally important for us to see where we can improve and grow and by looking at the past we can better understand how to shape our future.

For faculty and students the numbers are in!

Student and Faculty Impact

We track quantitative and qualitative factors around Engagement, Projects Completed, Trainings, Registrations and Event Relevance. We track these factor to ensure that programs and events we create and/or sponsor are fulfilling student and faculty needs.

MN State ITCOE impact on Student and Faculty Engagement

Over the past 5 years we have seen student engagement (number of students who have engaged with one or more of the Student Events) go from 105 to 484.

There are two measures of engagement for faculty that we track; Professional Development/Training and New Directions. For each of these, we see a positive increase in engagement. As we continue to develop more professional development/training opportunities we anticipate seeing the numbers grow from 36 to over 50.


MN State ITCOE impact Across the State of Minnesota

Although our offices are situated on the Metropolitan State University campus, our reach goes beyond these walls. The reach also goes beyond the Twin Cities as we continue to connect with campuses outside of the Metro area and we strive to make sure that any and all students and faculty in an IT related field have an opportunity to engage and be part of our events.

Over the past five years we have seen our impact on students and faculty across the State of Minnesota grow from 10 unique campuses to 18. For faculty we have gone from 15 to 25 unique campuses. This means that half of the colleges in the Minnesota State System have students that are participating in our events and nearly all of the colleges with IT programs have an engaged faculty member.


The Future

In five years we have come a long way, but there is more to do! In 2020 we hope to increase our student engagement by offering more events and increase the effectiveness and learning from our current events. An additional goal is to understand the impact hands-on learning events have on student academic and employment success. Our goal is to enhance the IT opportunities for students and faculty that moves all of Minnesota IT forward.

As our past has shown, we cannot and will not be successful without YOU! You are the reason we work hard to provide these opportunities and our hope is that you continue to be part of our success!