A Computer Science Curriculum for Middle or High School Students

Introduce students to IT skills and in-demand tech careers.

Valuable Features

  1. No cost for curriculum, training, and support, and no books to purchase. No future costs associated with content updates is guaranteed.
  2. Perfect for novice and experienced educators.
  3. ITX is web-based, with up to date, well organized content packaged in units.
  4. Two hours of virtual training gets you started, and support (as needed), keeps you going.
  5. The curriculum is standards aligned; preparing students for Precision Exams – Information Technology (801).  College and Career Resources are also included.

Units and topics include:

  • IT productivity skills
  • trends/impacts of computing
  • digital media
  • computing systems and IT services
  • networks and the internet
  • algorithms and programming
  • data and analysis
  • game design/development
  • technology careers

Please contact Boern Vang for more information on how to get the ITX Curriculum added to your high school.

Email: boern.vang@metrostate.edu


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