IT Exploration… is for Everyone!

IT Exploration… is for Everyone!

Information Technology (I.T.) has become the BIG engine that could.  It powers education, business and community success.  I.T. is all around us.  From smartphones to social media sites, I.T. is the hardware,  software, and people with passion for technology that excites and engages all of us in the digital world.  Where there’s interactivity, you’ll find information technology.

Preparing, acquiring and retaining I.T. talent is a multi-billion dollar proposition for employers in the U.S. alone.  It’s a proposition that can be won or lost.  And, the nation’s economic vitality is counting on a win.   The win is predicated on the straight-up reality that K-12 students need to envision themselves as creators, versus merely technology users; paving the path to becoming impassioned technologists.

Technology creators play meaningful roles solving societal issues, and helping employers kick-tail on emerging business opportunities.  And, the beauty is this —because tech is everywhere, creators can fashion a career that integrates their personal interests and passion to well-paying, in-demand employment.

Now, that’s a winning combination!

Minnesota State – IT Center of Excellence, in partnership with high school teachers and college faculty offer a FREE IT Exploration (ITX) curriculum that pulls back the curtain, allowing secondary teachers and students to discover the broad range of computer-based skills and competencies that today’s employers are seeking.  Students explore I.T. career options, discover what suits their interests, and sharpen their technical and employability skills.

Consider these special features:

  • ITX curriculum is engaging, making it easier for novice tech teachers and students to use and comprehend.  Experienced tech teachers benefit from the enhanced content
  • Five modules can be used in-part to incorporate into existing class offerings, or as stand-alone content for a full semester technology course offering
  • Students are exposed to some of the hottest content, and tech skills that are required in the marketplace –  software development, hardware/network systems, security, game design, and analytics
  • ITX training, support and curriculum is provided at no cost to Minnesota educators

Amanda Mackereth, middle and high school teacher and ITX support specialist, has this to say about her ITX experience and how her students have benefitted from the curriculum.

“After teaching English and Reading courses for 11 years, I was hired at a new school to create a technology/computer science scope and sequence and teach it across grades 7-12. ITX gave me a framework to use in my 9th grade ‘21st Century Skills’ class as well as an understanding of what pre-requisite skills I should be sure our school covers in 6th -8th grade tech and coding courses. It gives me a better understanding of what colleges and employers are looking for in our students. Since technology integration is a crucial piece of our school’s mission, all students at our school are required to take this course to graduate. Other teachers are appreciative that our students’ skills are increasing and carrying over into the quality of digital projects in other courses.”


The timing is perfect for interested teachers and administrators to learn more about the curriculum.

To learn more about the IT Exploration workshop and other excellent workshop experiences, visit ITX.


IT Exploration……is for Everyone!  Help your students discover why tech is fun, rewarding, dynamic, creative, challenging, and super cool.