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Learn More - IT Exploration Info Session

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 3:45 – 4:15PM CST

Enjoy an overview of the no cost IT Exploration Curriculum and platform.

ITX is a free online technology curriculum from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.


  • gain necessary computer science skills that they will use for life

  • learn about in-demand and well paying I.T. careers

  • content aligns with Precision Exams  – Information Technology Introduction (801). 


  • all training and support is included at no cost

  • no need for a tech background

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2022, 1 – 2:50PM CDT

This training covers everything from portal access to technology units – plus so much more!

Announcing IT Exploration 4.0!

The Minnesota State ITCOE has partnered with STEM Fuse and our existing ITX power-users to provide a new and improved version of IT Exploration on the Educate Learning Platform.

  • Easy access to online resources
  • Activities and practice tools
  • Step-by-step guidance for teachers
  • So easy to incorporate into curriculum & school environment

And just like before, this curriculum is no cost for Minnesota secondary schools and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to use.

IT Exploration (ITX) includes NINE tech topical areas based on a broad range of computing-based skills and competencies that Minnesota employers are seeking.

The ITX curriculum includes the fundamentals of:

  • software development
  • networking
  • hardware
  • security
  • game design
  • digital productivity skills
  • tech careers
  • analytics
  • and more….

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More Information

For more information contact Russell Fraenkel, Director of IT Career Pathways and Partnerships, Minnesota State – IT Center of Excellence | (651) 253.9438.


Office Productivity

Students will learn or be reacquainted to basic computer skills; the internet, Windows OS, Mac OS, email, word processing, social media, spreadsheets, slideshows, and information literacy.

Digital Media

Students will explore digital file formats, video projects, web pages, programming careers, ethics, and more.

Trends and Impacts of Computing

Students will explore employability skills, salary and lifestyle budget, education and certifications, job career interests and suitability, and IT roles.

Networks and the Internet

Students will explore the network and internet, mapping network labs, Cloud computing, CyberProtect Simulation, and more.

Computing Systems and IT Services

Students will explore systems administration, computer and internet safety, computer system types, operating systems, firewalls, virtualization, troubleshooting, and education and career options in technical support.

Technology Careers

Students will experience a tech career research project and explore work-based learning resources.

Game Development and Design

Students are introduced to game design through interactive learning lessons and hands-on projects where they’ll explore what goes into a great game, video game history, and popular engines used to build games. Students build a simple game and end the unit by learning about game design and programming careers.

Data and Analysis

Students will  explore database, Crowdsourcing, basic SQL database commands, and data visualization.

Algorithms and Programming

Students will explore programming careers, coding skills, problem solving process and algorithms , web development and games.