IT Career Spotlight: Web Development Careers

IT Career Spotlight: Web Development Careers

What does a Web Developer do?  

Web Developers perform an array of tasks each day,  so if you’re allergic to monotony,  thrive on creativity, understand languages like C++ and find technical problem solving as easy as pi, web development is the calling for you!

Becoming a successful web developer requires a combination of technical, creative and soft skills. Most technically minded professionals struggle in the Soft skills department. Skills such as, interpersonal skills and teamwork, integrity, professionalism, initiative, dependability and reliability, adaptability and flexibility as well as lifelong learning are Soft skills that help you work more effectively with people.  

It goes without saying, there are also several technical skill sets needed to crush the web developing game. You’ll need to be able to understand and code in several programming languages, design graphics and edit image assets in design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  The list below gives you an idea of some of the specific task web developers perform:

The bright outlook for web developers in Minnesota

According to O*Net, Minnesota offers a sparkling future for Web Developers with 19% projected growth from 2014-2024 in Minnesota.  

Related web development careers

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  • Computer Programmers
  • Software Developers, Applications
  • Software Developers, Systems Software


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Salary range for web developers in Minnesota

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