Interviewing to Get the Job: “I’m concerned about your lack of experience in …”

Interviewing to Get the Job: “I’m concerned about your lack of experience in …”

By Sharon Boerbon Hanson

For entry-level IT workers, anticipating and handling this question correctly is crucial. Obviously the interviewer likes what he or she saw on your resume to grant you an interview, but they have some uncertainty. Your job responding to this statement is to put them at ease with what they think is your lack of experience.


Prior to the interview, look over the benefits you offered any other employer. How can the particular skills or strengths you used to create those benefits be matched to this job description? Answering that question will prepare you for any “lack of experience” doubts the interviewer has.


During the interview, you will know what the interviewer needs from the questions you asked. When this worry comes up, you want to:

1: Acknowledge the importance of experience with this qualification

2: Explain that your strength is greater than your resume may have indicated because [here you match your past benefit to the interviewer’s need].

3: Complete your answer by indicating that when this skill is added to your others, the combination of all your qualifications is most important. Then list some of your other qualifications.

Your preparation and this answering technique takes the focus away from this one concern and focuses on the unique combination of skills, knowledge, and strengths you offer – all of which connect closely to his or her greatest needs.


Sharon Boerbon Hanson is associate executive director of Advance IT Minnesota, a Center of Excellence that promotes awareness of and excellence in IT careers in order to ensure business success. She has over 25 years’ experience marketing and brand-building, and has been a resume and interview coach 15 years.