Industry Faculty IT Conference 2020 Information – Register Here

Industry Faculty IT Conference 2020 Information – Register Here

New Directions in IT Faculty Conference 

Join Us At The Table 2020 May 18th & 19th

A free conference opportunity hosted by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence that explores emerging employer needs, identifies student learning outcomes, and offers you a chance to collaborate with educators from around the state of Minnesota.

Hear from industry partners about current trends, needs, views, and collaborative offerings.

Potential industry guests include: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, VMWare, REDHAT, GetLab, NetLab, Cloudies, the Nerdery and more!

Just Announced: Keynote Speaker Charles Betz Principal Analyst at Forrester

Speaking on: The Future of IT Education: Crisis and Challenge

In his talk, Charles Betz will discuss:

    • Current computing program structures and guidance, and their limitations.

    • The massive shift from “project” to “product” as a basis for IT operating models

    • The increasing convergence of “dev” and “ops” concerns in digital product management

    • Chaos, SRE, and resilience engineering: the new operations

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