MN West Teaches IT Exploration as Contracted PSEO

MN West Teaches IT Exploration as Contracted PSEO

IT Concepts Class Offered at Minnesota West Community and Technical College   Helps High School Students Decide a Path to their DREAM Technology Job   

This is a free, online curriculum for high school students that was developed by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence. With minimal time away from high school students can earn college credit toward a certificate in Information Technology, which can be further used for a degree in Computer and Networking Technology. 

Choose to train existing personnel on this curriculum and offer with articulation for college credit –or- Enroll students in the online IT Concepts Class through MN West. 

The Information Technology Exploration class gives students the opportunity to explore careers in fields including: 

  • computer hardware maintenance 
  • computer repair
  • software development
  • gaming
  • network administration
  • telecommunications
  • data analytics
  • cybersecurity


  • Instructors meet with participants at the student's local high school to get them started on the curriculum.  Items covered in training include logging into student email, learning the D2L platform, and navigation of websites. This visit takes about an hour at the beginning of the semester.
  • Two (2) Industry Tour Visits are included in the curriculum and taken during the semester.
  • Students visit the local campus (Jackson & Granite Falls Campus Locations) a maximum of three (3) times during the semester to complete labs on virtual operating systems, networking and cable building, working with computer hardware, and computer security.
  • Students can work on the class during any class period.
  • Instructors are available online at posted times during the semester.
  • Assessments include a final project and comprehensive test.

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