Looking For Ways to Hire Experienced I.T. Students or Technology Professionals?

Sponsor MN State ITCOE Events

Sponsor MN State ITCOE Events

  • Build a positive brand
  • Target events for future hiring needs
  • Bring organizational leaders and representatives
  • Meet students face-to-face

Participate in Minnesota State I.T. Center of Excellence Events

  • Volunteer for panels, programs, competitions, mock interviews and workshops
  • Meet and encourage prospective applicants at all events
  • Encourage your organization’s leaders to participate in events
  • Sponsor events to get your organization in front of students on a consistent basis

IT Center of Excellence Activities

Host an Info Session or Tour of your Organization

  • Meet prospective candidates.
  • Brand your organization.
  • Have students tour your organization.

Reach out to IT Faculty

  • It’s not easy to get into the classrooms on any campus; relationships with faculty are often based on an academic or research focus.
  • Offer to guest lecture on a hot topic or trend in Information Technology at your organization.
  • Offer informational interviews for students with your employees.
  • Leverage the relationships your alumni and/or senior executives have with faculty to get an introduction
  • Be prepared to offer support for research or department initiatives

Collaborate with Student Organizations

  • Ask your alumni, interns and career services office for recommendations to connect
  • Offer to speak to student groups, co-sponsor an information session, or buy food for a student organization meeting
  • Consider sponsoring a student organization; many clubs have a partnership program