Faculty Spring & Summer 2021 Events – Register Today

Faculty Spring & Summer 2021 Events – Register Today

Welcome back Minnesota State System Faculty!

The fun has started as we move into January 2021! Spring Semester is always the busiest one for our student and faculty trainings, competition, work opportunities and events. We will again need to structure these differently thanks to Covid, but we really hope faculty will take the time to participate or support your students in participating in our upcoming I.T. events.

SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning Workshop

February 4, 2021

Learn theoretical foundation and hands-on experience using the tool through the SAS Visual Analytics Interface. The course uses an interactive approach to teach

  • visualization
  • model assessment
  • model deployment

Register today at: https://itconnect.workoutloud.com/Event/sas-visual-data-mining-and-machine-learning-workshop


(CCDC) The State of Minnesota Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition 

February 6, 2021

This intense cyber security competition showcases I.T. students understanding and operational competency to protect real world business I.T. networks!

CCDC student teams compete against a “Red Team” of professionals who try to hack and infiltrate the student networks. This year will be a remote access event including seven (7) competing institutions with near 100 students participating virtually.


Data Derby 2021 Student Data Competition

April 17, 2021

This competition gives students who desire to work on discovering findings through data an opportunity to shine. This year the data will come from NASA and NOAA to create a Data Derby build on Discovery. Students will be given the data and Questions Mid-March and have 6 weeks to work to explore the data.

Student Teams 2-5 can compete! Register Your Team Here!


New Directions in IT Faculty Conference

March 26th and April 9th, 2021

The 2021 New Direction Faculty Conference will once again be virtual due to social distancing. We  have adjusted the schedule to provide two days within spring semester for faculty to come together and learn about Center Projects, Initiatives, and sharing of what you all have been up to.

March 26- afternoon virtual session 

Discussion of our Summer Collaborative Funding Project Options

Opportunity to hear what faculty members have happening and needs.

During this event we will also be allowing faculty to present projects to get ITCOE Grant Funding and/or sign up for Curriculum Development and Learning Activity work that we are finalizing this summer.

April 9 – open afternoon session

Share visions and ideas with larger audience.

Breakout rooms for the different areas of instruction (Cyber, Data, DevOps) Talk with other faculty that share your common passion and work.

Register for New Directions Here!

If you have a project you would like to have funded, please let me know! Projects must be submitted by April 2, 2021 to Janice Aanenson (janice.aanenson@metrostate.edu) We can’t wait to hear your ideas.



Knowing the challenges of getting together in person, we decided to learn from each other and tech industry leaders, through an Academic Webinar Series. We have produced webinars on C-PLAN, Career and Readiness Badging, Cyber Security at home, “G” Factor, Curriculum Design Projects, diversity, and other items of interest. If you missed any of the webinars they are recorded and ready for you on our You Tube Channel. The recordings are also available for use in your classroom. All Academic Webinars are open for your needs.


Many faculty has played a critical part in the creation of this important project.  Nearly all modules developed by our faculty collaborators are now housed in the Minnesota State D2L. This allows ANY faculty member within the Minnesota State System to access all the Modules and the use of them directly in your courses.

Check out the bottom of the IT Curriculum Modules Page to see Modules, learning outcomes, and industry standard mappings in Cyber, Data, Agile, and Career Readiness.