2020 CTE WORKS! Summit

2020 CTE WORKS! Summit

A BOLD Vision Beyond 2020

Join us this November 3 for the 11th annual and first-ever virtual Summit.

Keynote by Patrice Banks founder of Girls Auto Clinic


Keynote Presentation Title: Why your organization should reflect your students: Diversity and inclusion starts with you!

Employers are desperately looking to diversify their staff by actively hiring individuals from minority and underrepresented groups. Educators are the first step to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce. How can you attract, support, and empower women and people of color in the trades fields to prepare the workforce of the future for the demands of today's business climate?

Minn STATE ITCOE will present:

Delivering Tech Ed Online/Hybrid/Classroom Models Involving Community Partners at 10:45am

Using Video and Digital Badging to Teach Career Readiness Skills at 12:45pm

As leaders in career and technical education, we are the backbone of a strong, well-educated workforce. This year's theme "A BOLD Vision Beyond 2020" demands that we look towards the horizon and beyond. How do we grow and retain educators in our community? What structures and practices do we need to implement in order to lead innovations in our economies? What gains have we made towards supporting the success of youth and adults from marginalized communities? We know there are forward-thinking educators, workforce and industry leaders in our communities addressing these issues and we want to hear from you.