FREE ‘D.R.I.V.E. / IT Exploration – Introduction’ TRIO Cybersecurity Camp July 18-21, 2016 at Metro State University

FREE ‘D.R.I.V.E. / IT Exploration – Introduction’ TRIO Cybersecurity Camp July 18-21, 2016 at Metro State University

Camp planned for TRIO Students, July 18-21, 2016
Metropolitan State University

TRIO Invitees, start mapping your
educational path to an in-demand I.T. career!

Today’s in-demand I.T. and computing careers offer many opportunities for established workers to reboot their careers, yet getting started can be overwhelming. Our IT Exploration – Introduction course demystifies the technologies, skills and training pathways to help plan next steps.

Enroll in the DRIVE camp in July 2016 for a big-picture overview of IT concepts and practice a range of skills and technologies – notably, programming, administration, security and analytics – that will help you decide how best to attain skills, select courses and pursue education.

This course is offered by Advance IT Minnesota at no cost to you

D.R.I.V.E. is for you if you are interested in learning about skills and steps to take to progress toward in-demand careers and growing opportunities in Information Technology (IT) and Computing.


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D.R.I.V.E. is Discovery and Recruitment for Information Vocations and  Education.

Advance IT Minnesota, a MnSCU Center of Excellence in IT and Security, in collaboration with TRIO, engages learners in information career pathways to develop introductory skills expected in these occupations.


The DRIVE program adapts Advance IT Minnesota’s existing IT Exploration curriculum to deliver career pathways information and training in basic skills in the areas of programming, administration, security and analytics.

Career information on educational programs and employment pathways

Opening session will leverage appropriate portions of Advance IT Minnesota’s IT Exploration career information topics, and its Tech IT Out! program content to illustrate the various career pathways and excite the learners about potential new educational alternatives available to them.

IT Exploration module on Programming

Learners are engaged in activities that build and expand on their logical thinking and problem solving skills, followed by exercises where they develop basic programs and games with close guidance by the instructor and teaching assistant(s). The goal is to de-mystify the world of programming, web and application development.

IT Exploration module on Administration and Support

Participants learn about the various careers related to implementing and supporting digital infrastructure of businesses, and well as gain a better understanding on how to support their own computing needs.

IT Exploration module on Security

Students learn about issues related to Internet safety, information security and data privacy. The session covers the growing occupational pathways and what skills and competencies are needed to succeed in these careers. The students participate in a highly engaging CyberProtect game that gets them thinking about the layers of defenses organizations have to put up while keeping costs under control.

IT Exploration module on Analytics

Learners are shown how the world of Big Data, and access to business and social information is transforming businesses and organizations in public and private sectors. They develop an understanding of the rapidly growing career opportunities for those who like to work with data and figure out answers to business questions. In this session the learners are shown how a tool like Microsoft Excel may be used to do complex analytics, followed by exercises that guide them through simple business calculations and illustrations. The instructor closes with a demonstration of more complex analytics applications.

Day with Professionals and Mentors

This final session allows the students to network with invited professionals across IT and computing careers followed by a questions and answer session. Ramsey County Workplace Solutions staff then provide customized guidance to each student on various workplace course offerings based on their abilities and interests now that they know more about these careers. Similarly, Advance IT Minnesota staff inform learners of academic programs they could pursue immediately or in the near future and provide guidance on program selection and admissions processes.


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