Data Derby 2020 Winners Announced

Data Derby 2020 Winners Announced

ITCOE hosted the 2020 Minnesota State DATA DERBY Competition on April 25, 2020

Using real data provided by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), this annually sponsored and organized event used three datasets related to recycling in all MN counties.  This years sets included data on information about the materials recycled, residential recycling, commercial recycling, weight of different wastes, expenditure and revenue related to recycling. With the support and leadership of faculty members the student teams were asked to answer several analytic questions and then present their findings using this data as their research base. 

This years winners were:

Advanced level:

1st place:

Team the Data Doggos – University of Minnesota Duluth

Team Members: Kaylee Andersen, Daniel Crist, and Brian Paulsen

Faculty Advisor: Tracy Bibeilnieks  

2nd place: Team Bigweld – Minnesota State University Mankato

Team Members: Tania Hasanpoor, Abdelrahman Elkenawy, Nischint Upadhyaya, Arlton Cox, and Shuk Ping Wong

Faculty advisor: Cyrus Azarbod

3rd place: Team Data Cleansers – Normandale Community College

Team Members: Trenton Cahoon, Lucas Kivi, Andrew Vick, Jason Gower, Chris Sonsak

Faculty advisor: Yeng Miller-Chang 

Beginner Level:

1st place: Team We R the Data Dogs – University of Minnesota Duluth

Team Members: Tayla Goodmanson, Hunter Norgren, Derek Blair, and Luke Branson 

Faculty advisor: Tracy Bibeilnieks

2nd place: Team Aggregators – Metropolitan State University

Team Members: Linsay Bellanger, Lori Peffer, Wes Thompson, Mariann Guevara, and Mohamud Gaiyte 

Faculty advisor: Elena Khalitov  

3rd place: Team Lemonades – Metropolitan State University  

Team Members: Ann Maureen Vang, Blake Anderson, Ren Sok, Kevin Nguyen, and Vicky Vue 

Faculty advisor: Elena Khalitov

This Year’s Participating Teams Included:

The Aggregators – Metropolitan State University

Data Doggos – University of Minnesota, Duluth

Data Enthusiasts – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Data Warriors – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dmart Cart Pushers – Metropolitan State University

The Founders – Metropolitan State University

Team Lemonades – Metropolitan State University

We are the Data Dogs – University of Minnesota, Duluth

Yellow Fever – Metropolitan State University

Analysis Paralysis – Metropolitan State University

Bigweld – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Data Cleansers – Normandale Community College

The Miners – Minnesota State University, Mankato