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The Minnesota State IT Center has put together this page as a place for Minnesota educators to access online resources to help with online learning, e-learning, and distance.

We will update this page with new resources as we find them.

Resources For You


The Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence works alongside the Minnesota State College and Universities System to help engage students around the state of Minnesota in learning more about future careers in IT. We also help give young Minnesotans opportunities to experience the fun of technology and  learn valuable and necessary future life skills like coding and career readiness skills.

IT Discovery Network

A collection of awesome online tech opportunities.

IT Discovery Network  

IT Exploration Curriculum

Introduces students to IT skills and tech careers.

IT Exploration Curriculum  

CS to Go with Code Savvy

Weekly youth-centered challenges that focus on creating new things with computer science.

Each challenge includes a video with tips and resources to get started on a variety of computer science platforms, as well as information on how to share the projects created.

Code Savvy You Tube

Technovation Girls #SolveItTeam

Join every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube for tutorials— some  LIVE! —for each step needed to solve big problems.

Technovation You Tube

Bytes of Inspiration with Code Savvy,
a video series for CS Educators

A brand new video series for CS educators.

Short videos shared each week.

Tips, resources, and ideas to be used with students right away!

Code Savvy Educators Video

Collaborative K12 Computer Science Education

Distance Learning Resources

In light of the school closures happening locally and around the world, computer science teachers have started an amazing list of K12 computer science distance learning resources.


3 Ways to Integrate Computer Science into Home-School Learning

Resources For:

  1. Activities for Self Based Learning
  2. Age Appropriate Unplugged Activities
  3. Corona Virus Based Reading Activities about Computing and Society

SAS Academic Hub for Students and Educators

Description: Find free teaching and learning materials and regular updates regarding ongoing support and Live Web resources on our Academic Hub.

Available exclusively to academic audiences, on the Hub.

SAS Academic Hub

Educator Resources Page

Technology & Engineering Resources, and Much, Much More

This is an up to date and ever growing collection of links.

Don’t hesitate to check this site out!


For You | Teacher Resources

An awesome collection of college faculty resource links from the Transportation Center of Excellence related to:

  • Career exploration,
  • Free offers for digital textbooks, and
  • Other resources related to transportation and beyond!


The Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence is Here For You Now! This page provides you with information to help you navigate educational challenges during this global pandemic.


Agriculture Teacher Resources

Links and resources for educators and students in agricultural education in Minnesota.

Southern Ag Center

ZOOM Meeting Training

As we enter this new online world of meetings, are you looking for training in ZOOM meetings? Here are free webinar trainings on how to teach online through ZOOM, taught by teachers!


National Girls Collaborative Project

Great Girl Media

You might be finding yourself in need of some additional, cool resources for your kids – girls and boys. We recommend these awesome girl-centric shows, sites, and apps to spark the science in your household!


Setting Up Kids for Distance Learning

MN Computers for Schools

During these difficult times, it’s important to come together to help each other. While schools in Minnesota are closed, you can help make sure all kids have a computer at home to allow them to stay connected and participate in distance learning. Corporate computer donations, financial donations, and employee donation drives are all ways to do this.



As easy online way for kids ages 4 and up to learn coding!



Here are some ideas from the MPR News audience and elsewhere to continue learning from home.


Star Wars Learn to Code Site

Are your kids into Star Wars? Teach them to code with a Star Wars galaxy

Code Star Wars