Roles in the Agile Methodology

Student Course – In this module students will review and learn about the various roles in the agile scrum methodology.

Using Stand-Up Meetings in Class

Student Course – In this module you will learn how to use stand-up meetings to collaborate with your classmates and instructors. In addition, you will become familiar with how stand-up meetings and professionalism agreements are used in the workplace.

Introduction to DevOps

Student course – In this module students will become familiar with the DevOps environment that allows for continuous testing, deployment, and operations of software applications.

Agile User Stories

Student Course – This module covers the creation of agile user stories. Students will learn the proper format of user stories. Students will also learn how to create user stories from larger epics. They will learn how to develop a product roadmap with the user stories.

Improving Capstone Projects Using Agile

Faculty Course – In this module faculty will learn how to apply the Agile team methodology to your capstone projects to improve the process for your students.

Using Agile Teams for Group Projects

Faculty Course – In this module you will learn how to use the lightweight team model in your classroom to improve the process of group project.

Using Agile Stand-Up Meetings in Your Classroom

Faculty course – In this module faculty will learn how to use the Agile practice of stand-up meetings in their classrooms to help students collaborate and communicate effectively with each other and their instructor.

Using Code Reviews in Your Classroom

Faculty Course- In this module learn how to use the Agile Practice of code review in their classroom to help students engage in peer-to-peer feedback.   If you are external to the Minnesota State System, please complete the Interest Form.

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What is a Center of Excellence?

A COE is a dedicated team that works close with industry and educators to attract students to, and prepares students for, high demand industries in Minnesota that face workforce shortages currently and in the future.