Data Science Management

Learn to collect, keep, and use data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Data Courses

Data Science Management Modules:

Business Intelligence, CNTK: Development 2021

Business Intelligence, Python and R: Development 2021

Capstones, Guideline Support (Healthcare, IT, Ed, Math et al): Development 2021

Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes): Development 2021

Data Ethics: This module reviews the ethical issues imposed by this exponential growth and provides a framework in which to make ethical decisions.

Data Preparation (ETL, data cleaning and transformation Techniques): Development 2021

Data Quality, DQAs: Development 2021

Data Quality, MDM: Development 2021

Data System Management, Cloud: Development 2021

Data Wrangling: This module covers selecting rows and columns, adding and changing columns, summarizing variables and data, and changing dataset from a wide to a long format and vice versa.

Decision Support Systems: This module introduces Decision Support Systems and demonstrates the role of Business Intelligence and Analytics in decision making.

Econometrics: This module explains the basics of econometrics.

Management of Data Science Projects: This module covers project management methodologies relevant for data science projects.

Master Data Management 1: This module introduces enterprise and master data. The course will provide the learner the opportunity to build an understanding of the language of data management as well as the building blocks and models used in industry.

Master Data Management 2: This module is a continuation of Master Data Management. The module will examine the MDM maturity model as well as the component layer model.

Operations Research: This module introduces Operations Research methods and the application of these advanced analytical methods in problem-solving and decision making.

User Experience Design: Development 2021



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