Data Analysis

Learn how to examine raw data to find useful information.


Data Courses

Data Analysis:

ANOVA – Analysis of Variance: This module covers the use of analysis of variance (ANOVA).  This model specifically covers one-way and two-way ANOVA, interaction analysis, and multiple comparisons.

Geographic Data Analysis: Development 2021

Hypothesis Testing: This module covers hypothesis testing and significant testing methods.

Image Analysis, Introduction: Development 2021

Image Pre-process: Development 2021

Image Recognition: Development 2021

Marketing Analytics: Development 2021

Modeling and Simulation: Development 2021

Multiple Regression: This module covers Multiple Regression extending simple two-variable regression to the case that still has one response but many predictors.  This module covers estimating a multiple regression model, hypothesis testing of model coefficients, making predictions and evaluating a model.  This module also covers multicollinearity analysis and model selection.

Non-parametric Techniques: Development 2021

Prescriptive Analytics: Development 2021

Principal Component Analysis (PCA): This module covers the review of matrices at the beginning, and examples of principles component analyses (PCA).

Real-time analytics with Apache Storm: Development 2021

SAS Visual Analytics: Development 2021

Simple Linear Regression: This module covers simple linear regression, generating the model of simple linear regression, evaluating the model, and making predictions.  This module also covers hypothesis testing of slopes for a regression model.

Social Network Analysis: This module focuses on social network analysis. It covers the basics of graphs and networks, and it explains how to analyze the social network at two levels: the node level and the group of nodes level.

Speech Recognition: Development 2021

SQL Server Analysis Services: This module covers learning to use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) as a tool to query data from an Analysis Services Cube. This module also covers learning to connect a cube using SQL Server Management Studio, querying a cube using MDX scripting and browser, and managing the cube through the SQL Server Management Studio environment.

Text Analytics: This module covers applications and examples of text analytics.  It provides hands-on exercises using Python.

Time Series Analysis: This module describes methods for analyzing time series data with an application of moving average methods.

Time Series Analysis, Expo Smoothing: Development 2021



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