Center of Excellence  & Curriculum D2L Modules Update

Center of Excellence & Curriculum D2L Modules Update

As many of you are aware we are currently working hard to increase our curriculum modules in cybersecurity, data analytics, Agile, and career readiness.

Our career readiness modules are being implemented across the sysytem this semester, so we are currently looking for feedback and will be seeking out more options to grow the modules in Spring Semester.

Great news for those that participated in creating the cyber and data modules (Collaborative Project 2018) or have interest in them – we are now ready to launch them!

Data, Cyber, and Agile Modules

Currently we are working to finalize the 45 data, 15 cyber, and 3 Faculty Agile training modules. In January we will be looking for faculty to participate in the pilot phase for Agile and Data Module project and for Cyber modules in late Spring, with full implementation of the modules by August 2020. Here is a list of the current modules we are working to finalize.

Data Modules

Agile | Cyber Modules

Career Readiness Modules Update

The three Career Readiness Modules launched by ITCoE earlier this year continue to be well-received by faculty around the system.  After five faculty used the Modules in spring 2019, another seven faculty have been using them this fall.  Additionally, throughout the year ITCoE has conducted eight lunch-and-learns at numerous campuses, presenting to over 110 Minnesota State educators, including faculty, deans, and career center leaders. 

The momentum with the Modules is only getting stronger, as ITCoE is leading a cross-campus team to pilot the awarding of digital badges in spring 2020.  As highlighted in an earlier blog post, ITCoE received a grant from the Education Design Lab to enhance the Modules and begin the practice of badging.  “Project ELEVATE” is the name given to the initiative, and the team is actively preparing to teach the Modules, with the goal of awarding 200+ badges.  Additionally, each campus has begun working with one-or-more employers, who are tasked with providing feedback on the Modules and the impact of the badges on hiring. 

The Project ELEVATE team members have already put in a lot of time to prepare for the spring semester, and will continue to be busy as they help blaze a new trail for 21st Century Skills badging at Minnesota State.  The team roster includes the following individuals: 


As you can see the ITCoE has been working hard in 2019 and continues to grow  curriculum offerings as the world of IT and the needs in the Minnesota state system continue to grow. We look forward to continued collaboration efforts in 2020! 

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