New Career Readiness D2L Modules

Incorporate career readiness training and practice into your IT / CS courses using our three D2L Modules

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The Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence has heard from numerous employers that graduates must possess both technical skills and “career readiness” skills to be successful in their jobs.

Research continues to show that employers are sometimes underwhelmed by students’ career readiness, often lacking critical skills such as:

  • Oral and Written Communications
  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

In response, the ITCOE has recently created three new Modules to help our faculty, built 100% in Desire2Learn (D2L), focused on teaching and assessing these important skills.

Oral and Written Communications Module

Definition: An effective communicator can speak with clarity and precision in formal as well as informal contexts. Effective communicators use stories to communicate ideas and increase engagement, and are aware of their audience and use the appropriate tone and word choice. They are also active listeners who can ``hear`` both what is said and what is not said and can use body language effectively.

Initiative and Leadership Module

Definition: Initiative includes self-efficacy and the capacity to identify needs and respond proactively. Individuals who exercise initiative show self-awareness, learning from both ``failure`` and ``success`` as opportunities to learn and develop. They also lead without an official ``leader`` role or title, motivate others, and catalyze necessary action.

Collaboration and Teamwork Module

Definition: Collaboration includes the capacity to work productively with different individuals and groups toward a common goal. Effective collaborators strengthen relationships by incorporating diverse perspectives, use active listening skills, and focus on solutions rather than problems.

The new Modules were developed with busy faculty in mind, and their already packed courses of mostly technical content.

ITCOE has chosen to build the Modules 100% in D2L, to enable ease-of-adoption into Courses, and to also give students a cohesive online user experience with the rest of their classes at MN State.  ITCOE also developed the Modules independent of each other, so a faculty member can take one, two or all of them into their Course.  Being in D2L also means faculty can edit a Module’s content, allowing creative freedom to better-tie to their style and course.

The Modules adhere to certain guidelines, with much of their structure and content coming from the Education Design Lab 21st Century Skills Badges.  Specifically, the Modules provide the following core components to faculty and students:

  1. Definitions of each Career Readiness competency and associated sub-competencies
  2. Pre-curated literature and videos that teach students about the competencies
  3. Experiential exercises for students to practice the Career Readiness skills, be that individually, in small groups, or in the classroom
  4. Exercises and case studies based on real-life IT and CS workplace scenarios, aimed at challenging students to prove their competence in the skills, including rubrics for faculty to use when assessing student performance

Each Module is built to encapsulate 8-12 hours of work for a student, and given that they’re native to D2L, faculty can determine if-and-how to incorporate the work into the Course’s gradebook.

The Modules are being piloted by a few faculty during the spring 2019 semester, but if anyone is interested in reviewing the Modules and providing feedback, please complete the form below, and someone from the ITCOE will get in touch to provide a demonstration.

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