New Career Readiness D2L Modules

Incorporate career readiness training and practice into your IT / CS courses using our three D2L Modules

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The Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence has heard from numerous employers that graduates must possess both technical skills and “career readiness” skills to be successful in their jobs.

Research continues to show that employers are sometimes underwhelmed by students’ career readiness, often lacking critical skills such as:

  • Oral and Written Communications
  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

In response, the ITCOE has recently created three new Modules to help our faculty, built 100% in Desire2Learn (D2L), focused on teaching and assessing these important skills.

Oral and Written Communications Module

Educates students to speak with clarity and precision, in formal and informal contexts. Encourages use of stories to communicate ideas and increase engagement, to be aware of the audience, and to use the appropriate tone and word choice. Enforces the importance of active listening, ``hearing`` both what is said and what is not said. Teaches best practices for professional written communications.

Initiative and Leadership Module

Trains students to be self-aware, and how ``failure`` and ``success`` are opportunities to learn and develop. Fosters an understanding of leading without an official ``leader`` role or title, how to motivate others and be a catalyst for action. Teaches students the importance of self-efficacy.

Collaboration and Teamwork Module

Teaches students how to work productively with different individuals and groups toward common goals. Helps learners become effective collaborators through strengthening relationships, incorporating diverse perspectives, using active listening skills, and focusing on solutions rather than problems.

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Module Features

  • Ready-to-use articles, videos, exercises, assessments, and rubrics, representing real-world IT / CS workplace scenarios
  • Derived from Education Design Lab 21st Century Skills, used by dozens of other higher education institutions
  • Built natively in D2L, enabling ease of use and allowing faculty to quickly adapt the content to their course if desired

Faculty Testimonials

The Oral and Written Communication Module is an easy way to introduce communications skills into any class and can be directly imported into a D2L shell.  Watching these students respond to simulated work situations in their communications videos allowed me to get to know them better and to be able to offer communication tips that would not have been possible previously.

– Vickie McLain, CIS Instructor and Cyber Defense Coach, Lake Superior College

It was seamless to incorporate the Collaboration and Teamwork Module into my course. Once the Module was imported it took little effort to customize to my course layout. After completing the Module, the students seemed to have a greater level of empathy and respect for each other.

– Janet Johnson, IT / Cybersecurity Faculty, M State Community and Technical College, Wadena