Analytics to Fight Public Health Threats Webinar Video

Analytics to Fight Public Health Threats

Worldwide, the outbreak of coronavirus is pushing our governments, public health agencies, local communities and health care providers to the brink. These stakeholders need access to reliable, timely data to quickly understand, measure and react to this rapidly growing threat to public health. Responding to this complex crisis requires a multi-faceted approach, including the ability to quickly integrate data sources to gain the insights necessary for improved situational awareness. These measures ensure that stakeholders can quickly identify and proactively limit the spread of the disease and save lives. In this webinar, we will explain how you can use data and epidemiological models to respond effectively, limit the spread, protect our community and save lives.

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Speaker: Sarah Newton, MPH

US Public Sector Health Policy Team Manager, SAS

Newton helps government agencies use data and analytics to improve the health and well-being of their citizens. She leads a team of health policy experts who work with clients to translate how data and analytics can support evidenced-based decision making, and she has worked with state and local governments to develop analytical insights to improve the health and well-being of their citizens, address complex business and policy questions and ensure the long-term sustainability of their public programs.