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Come and explore data with Paul Wickman from Golden Software. Paul has an amazing way to tell stories with Data and to provide students and faculty a view into the world of Data careers.
Why Github For Educators? Past Webinar
Each of us has the power to draw people to us or repel them. Which do YOU do?
Learn More About CPLAN –
Improve opportunity for historically underserved learners in higher education.
How the partnership between Oracle, Logic, and Metropolitan State University came about and what it is doing for the community.
Learn ways to watch out for hacking, recognize spam and phishing, and keep Zoom meetings safe.
Learn how leaders and employees can cultivate a secure, inclusive and diverse culture while working remote.
Graph databases are the fastest growing type of databases today, learn more about how graph databases can bring AI into the classroom.
Coronavirus is pushing our governments, public health agencies, local communities and health care providers to the brink. Learn to use data and epidemiological models to respond effectively, limit the spread, and save lives.
Why students should take Career Readiness Courses and an overview of the Digital Badging Initiative happening at Colleges and Universities around Minnesota.