2018 Cyber & Data Curriculum Development Project Update

2018 Cyber & Data Curriculum Development Project Update

Minnesota State Collaborative Programming and Shared Services Funding (MSCPSSF) program was founded February 2017 by Minnesota State Systems (formerly, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) as part of their Educational Innovations Program. The mission of Educational Innovations is to identify, seed, and support innovative technologies and talent to drive and enable the highest-quality teaching and learning experiences for students across Minnesota State.

Educational Innovations provides support for collaboration that enables and advances student success, supports faculty in multiple ways to ensure that all students have high-quality learning experiences, and supports the coordination of enterprise opportunities and solutions that add value for Minnesota State colleges and universities.

Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence, in collaboration with Metropolitan State University and 10 other Minnesota State colleges and Universities, received Educational Innovations funding for two Pathway Curriculum Planning and Development Projects. Nearly $300,000 total was awarded to Metropolitan State University and Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence to develop both a Cybersecurity and Data Science/Analytics curriculum development project. The goals of each project is to:

  1. Develop a standardized Pathway Curriculum Approach to creating Competency Based Courses and modules,
  2. Engage at least 6 colleges and universities within the Minnesota State system to assist in leading, creating, and approving standardized modules,
  3. Create 40-60 individual 1 credit academic modules for each area using a competency based education approach,
  4. And ensure all modules are available across the state through the use of D2L, online learning platform.

The majority of the projects was completed over this past summer — We are happy to share that we are close to launching some of the curriculum modules in D2L for Minnesota State system use!

Below is a quick breakdown of the development work that is in progress to date.



Currently there are 33 modules for Data being created with an additional 40 slated for 2019.



For Cybersecurity, there are 22 modules being created with an additional 26 slated for 2019.



As we move into the 2019 Calendar year, we will again be seeking for your assistance in creating the additional modules for the Cybersecurity and Data Science/Analytics curriculum development project . With over 50 modules still to be created, there are plenty of opportunities for you to be part of this incredible project!

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to learn more, please contact Janice Aanenson at Janice.aanenson@metrostate.edu  or call (612) 659-7221.


Formerly known as Advance IT Minnesota, the MN State – IT Center of Excellence engages employers, educators, technology professionals and learners to develop a more robust IT workforce in Minnesota. A Center of Excellence within the Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU), it is located at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul Midway campus. For more information, visit the IT Center of Excellence.