2016 SPARCS@Mac Camp bolstering Minnesota Women in Tech

2016 SPARCS@Mac Camp bolstering Minnesota Women in Tech

From the KARE11 news website:
KARE | MINNEAPOLIS – 6:51 PM. CDT June 23, 2016

Nearly 25 Minnesota high school students last week took part in SPARCS@Mac, a week-long camp hosted by Macalester College’s DeWitt Wallace Library, in partnership with Advance IT Minnesota (AITM). SPARCS is “Sustaining Passion, Ambition and Resolve for Career Success,” a program focused on building diversity in technology.

SPARCS@Mac took place against the backdrop of a recent survey ranking Minneapolis one of the worst cities when it comes to equal pay in the tech industry. The California-based research company, Comparably, reported earlier this month that out of more than 10,000 tech employees in the United States, Minneapolis ranked the second worst for equal pay …. just behind Atlanta. The company’s results found that women made an average of $66,000 while men had a median income of $100,000. Nationwide, the gender pay gap by education was largest for tech employees (49 percent) with some college education.

About the Photo: Nearly 25 high school students in Minnesota participated in a week-long tech camp at Macalester College June 20-24, 2016. (Photo: KARE)

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